About Us

Continuing professional development is a scholarly pursuit … and CME is the academy in which it occurs.

The International Academy for CPD Accreditation is a network of colleagues, dedicated to promoting and enhancing continuing professional development (CPD) accreditation systems throughout the world. It is also devoted to assisting and supporting the development, implementation and evolution of CPD and continuing medical education (CME) accreditation systems throughout the world. Established in 2013, the Academy serves as a platform that facilitates peer-to-peer support for leaders of CPD/CME accreditation systems and encourages networking, mentoring and interactions about common issues.

The decisions, policies and communications of the International Academy for CPD Accreditation are guided by the Purpose (see below).


To create an opportunity for discussion, interchange and debate for those people currently serving in a leadership position within an organization that has established or is seeking to establish a CME/CPD accreditation system, AND who have oversight of, or responsibility to implement, changes to their CME/CPD accreditation system.

The International Academy for CPD Accreditation is dedicated to enhancing the development and implementation of CME/CPD accreditation systems throughout the world by providing an opportunity for individuals in leadership positions to:

  • Learn about the values, principles and metrics that serve as the basis of each others’ CME/CPD accreditation systems;
  •  Explore the educational and ethical standards for the accreditation of CME/CPD provider organizations and accredited learning activities; and
  •  Foster the evaluation of the impact or outcomes of the CME/CPD accreditation systems on physician learning, competence, performance of health care teams and health care outcomes.

The Academy should be viewed as a network of colleagues interacting about common issues, rather than as a new organization.


Over the course of three International Forums on CPD Accreditation from 2008 to 2012, the idea of establishing an international community of practice for CPD accreditation was explored.  These Forums laid the groundwork for what is today the International Academy for CPD Accreditation.  Click here to learn more about the International Forums.